Ignore The Rumours & Your Locks In Lockdown

Ignore The Rumours & Your Locks In Lockdown

As you know, back on the 23rd March the UK government announced we were in lockdown. Four days ago, they extended that by a further 3 weeks.

This meant that for your safety, we temporarily closed our doors.

In this quick article, I want to address some rumours circulating on social media and in the newspapers about potential a re-opening, plus I want to keep you in the loop and give you some more detailed guidance about how to look after your locks in lockdown.

Let’s get started.

We Spread Positivity, Not Rumours

Did you visit the salon in the week before lockdown? If so:

1) Your hair will be in a better state than most people, so good job!

2) You’ll have noticed we removed all the trashy mags from the salon.

That’s right, we won’t name and shame the magazines and newspapers individually, but you’ll know the type of papers we mean.

At Zazu we spread positivity, not rumours, and so out went the trashy mags and in came adult colouring books, sudoku and other activities designed to help you relax.

Too long have hair salons been lumbered with negative, sexist stereotypes of “women gossiping”. As a loyal customer of Zazu, you’ll know that this simply isn’t true here. We’re welcoming of anyone from anywhere and are just as popular with men as we are with women thanks to our in-house barbers.

So the decision was made to ban the trashy magazines and we all feel better for it.

But why do we bring this up now?

Well, that’s because in one of the newspapers we’ve banned from the salon, there’s been some rumours spread about the potential re-opening of barbershops and hair salons. This is sadly not true.

We won’t give the newspaper press, but if you’ve read anything about a certain “Red, Amber & Green” staggered reopening of business you’ll know what we mean.

Your safety Is Our Number 1 Priority

And for that reason, we’ll tell you as soon as we have any real, legitimate information direct from the government. Even then, we’ll do our own due diligence to make sure we’re confident that you’re safe and happy when with us.

And now that’s covered…

How Is Your Hair Getting On?

Is it that bad? Really?

We can’t wait until we can safely welcome you back to Zazu. We’re using the downtime to plan tons of stuff so that when we reopen, you’ll be met by the best Zazu has ever been.

What does that look like? Well, you’ll have to wait and see.

But Zazu wouldn’t be Zazu if we didn’t do everything we could to help you out at this time, so I’ve put together a few hints and tips below.

The isolation dos and don’ts were originally published in an article I wrote for High Life North, so for more information head over there once you’ve read this.

How To Look After Your Locks In Lockdown

1) Make Dry Shampoo Your Best Friend Every time you wash your hair, you lose some colour. So, give yourself an extra day each time you’d usually wash it. It might not seem like much, but it’ll make a difference in the long run. Use dry shampoo on your roots to get even longer out of your colour.

2) Accessorise Clips, bands, hair scarfs, and different styles. You’ve got time on your hands, so use it to experiment with different looks with your hair while you have the chance. We’ve got some inspiration for different styles here and here for you to get started.

3) Invest in quality shampoo and conditioner It’s no secret we’re fans of Label.m at Zazu, and that was before we won Salon Of The Year. If you’re low on supplies, we’re occasionally opening the salon at weekends by appointment only to stock up. As we said, your safety is our number one priority and so all measures have been taken in line with government advice. If you’d like to ask more about that, email us at And finally…

4) Keep your hands off the box dye One moment of weakness can take months, if not years to undo. So don’t even think about it! Keep strong and we’ll be back open welcoming you with open arms before you know it.

We’ll See You Soon

If you’d like to know more about anything above, jump over to my article for High Life North or follow us on facebook, Instagram, or email me with any specific questions you have at

Stay safe.

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