NEWS: Top 3 Hair Trends from London Fashion Week (2020)

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

As you’ll know by now, we won Label.m Retail Salon of the Year 2019.

One of the prizes for winning the global competition was a trip down to London Fashion Week, so on Saturday 15th February the whole team boarded the train down to the capital.

We’re obsessed with hair and we’re constantly learning about new trends in order to offer you modern styles in-salon – so much so that we almost forgot London Fashion Week is supposed to be about the clothes!

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us getting a sneak peek of the hottest hair trends for 2020, which we’re excited to share with you now.

Let’s dive right in.

London Fashion Week’s Top Three Styles

1. Sleek

You could say “wet look”, but “sleek” sounds a lot classier, doesn’t it?

To add to the aesthetic, the hair stylists used lots of Label.m Gel and Leave-in Conditioner to create wet look styles that I’m sure you agree are striking! The Wen Pan show was different from your usual show. How? Well, rather than a quick, thirty-minute catwalk, this was a two-hour presentation. Based on the end of the day at a Columbian flower market, the set features drooped ceilings and flowers scattered across the floor.

And although that may sound a bit high-brow, it was stunning.

While the looks may be a bit too radical to bring back to the salon, it certainly appealed to our creativity!

2. Curls

Curls of all shapes and sizes!

We love embracing your natural hair texture, for men and women, so we particularly loved this hair trend for 2020.

3. Ponytail

The last top hair trend at London Fashion Week was the ponytail.

Across the Y+, Future Collective and Pam Hogg shows we noticed lots of variations of the classic ponytail that we absolutely loved.

It’s a really versatile style. So much so that we’ve looked at how it’s the perfect style to go from day to night with ease and style!

Product Watch!

Label.m texturizing volume spray was hailed as the Fashion Week Backstage Favourite!

It works as a dry shampoo, while still holding like a hairspray. Need we say more?

Ask us about Label.m Texturising Volume Spray the next time you’re in the salon.

A Trip To Remember

As fun as the weekend was, it was also a symbol of how far we've come as a salon and proof of the world-class service that we offer our customers every single day.

We worked hard to win the award, and so we spent the last day of our trip taking in the sights in London.

Robbie usually works at London Fashion Week, but he wanted to enjoy the trip with everyone and so he'll be heading down in September.

He still got papped by the press while we were there, though! Maybe they know a star when they see one, ay?

Let us know which of the top three styles from London Fashion Week you like best in the comments!

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