MEN: 3 Myths About Men's Hair in a Salon

Let’s quickly bust a few myths about men’s hair in a salon:

“Barbers have a more masculine environment”

We’ve all heard about those barbers that have PS4’s and a bar in them, and that’s all well and good...

But do you really have time to stick around for hours playing Fifa with strangers after you’ve had your haircut?

Are you really ok with waiting so long for your cut that you have time to play a full game?

“The barber will be male so he will relate to you”

As if all men can relate to each other’s hair. Since all men's hair is definitely the same...

I doubt Steve McFadden and Kit Harington have much to talk about hair-wise, do you?

Our Jak and Robbie are male, but we guarantee you’ll get just a good a trim with Nicola and Julie.

We're all experts.

“The barber will be more skilled with a razor”

Jak has an NVQ Level 2 in barbering and cuts male hair pretty much all day every day.

And tell us yourself: do these cuts look like they’re done by anything other than an expert?

“It used to be the case that salons just cut long men’s hair, but that’s definitely not the case now. Most of my clients are lads coming in for a skin fade – it’s my favourite cut to do” - Jak, Stylist at Zazu

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Now that's sorted, find out how choosing a salon over a barbershop can save you time, money and stress.

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