MEN: 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Salon Over a Barber's

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

"Should I Choose A Salon or a Barber's?"

First, let’s clear something up:

You may just want a quick ‘one’ all over. And if that’s you, we aren’t trying to tell you your barber isn’t good enough.

We’re talking to you lads whose style needs a little more attention in the morning.

And that's more of you than you might think. A recent study suggests that men spend more money on their hair than women per year.

Chances are, you’ll want more than just a quick trim from your barber.

This is where a hair salon like Zazu becomes an obvious choice.

5 reasons why you should choose a salon over a barbershop:

1) Save Time

How many hours do you think you’ve spent waiting for your turn in the barbers? Worse yet, if you prefer a certain barber, you will have to wait even longer.

Any salon worth its hairspray will let you book online, meaning there’s a set-in-stone time that they’ll be waiting for you.

Sure, at a salon such as Zazu you might be here a bit longer than your barbers.

But you can give us the extra ten minutes so we can:

  • Wash your hair

  • Give you a scalp massage

  • Talk you through an expert consultation

  • Show you some new products

  • And make you a cuppa... won’t you?

Or would you rather that time was spent sitting on your phone waiting your turn, only to find out the guy in front of you wants a shave too?

No? We thought so.


2) Save Money

A cut in a salon will cost more than your average barbers, yes, so how can we say you’ll save money by using a salon instead?

Well, if you prefer your hair longer on top, we’re guessing it only takes a barber a couple of minutes to chop through it, are we right? Typically, a barber will spend longer on your fade.

And since salons are used to cutting men’s and women’s hair, salons are as good with scissors as they are with a razor.

Your cut will be even, precise and will grow out smarter, meaning you won’t need to come back as often.


3) Less Stress


There's no more worrying about whether you’re going to have time to get a quick trim before a big night out.

At Zazu, we can book your appointments in for the next three months.

This way, you know exactly:

  • When you’re coming

  • How long it will take

  • The style you’re getting

And surely when it comes to your hair, they’re the most important things for you stylish, busy men?

Moving on.


4) Keep Things Fresh

Choosing a salon over a barbershop means you get extra value:

  • We aren’t in a rush to get people in and out since there’s no queue.

  • We’ve got time to talk to you about what you want, and suggest any changes you think you’d like to make.

  • And if you’re looking for something really different, we’re experts at that too!

Whether it’s a perm, a change of colour, or (if you’re really going for it) both.


5) The Best Products

Trying to find quality hair products is difficult.

  • How do you even go about it?

  • Go up to someone in the street and ask someone with good hair where they got theirs?

  • Or search online and buy some for it not to suit your hair type?

You need an expert who does this day in and day out.

What’s more, we’ll have a bottle of what you want already open, meaning we will show you it before you buy. Plus, we’ve always got deals on to save you even more money.


We’re sure you’ll agree all the above makes sense, don't you?

If you think about it, when has it been easier to save time, money and stress by something as simple as choosing a hair salon, like Zazu, over a barber's?

What are you waiting for? Booking an appointment with us is only a quick click away.

We’ll see you soon.

Team Zazu.

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