NEWS: Why We’ve Partnered With Live Well With Cancer

16,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the North East every year.

Just think about how many people that is for a second.

Now, consider that there was no cancer support group in North Tyneside.

That is, until last year when Live Well With Cancer set out to change this.

Live Well With Cancer

The registered charity’s aim is to give people of the North East the help they need, when they need it, and to help people “live life fully with and beyond a cancer diagnosis.”

How Do They Do This?

· FREE workshops

· FREE events

· FREE support groups

Each event focusses on topics identified as key concerns by cancer patients. Everyone involved in the charity, from the founder to the treasurer, has a personal relationship with cancer; having either had it before, or been involved in the industry for years.

How Will Zazu Help?

Image Therapy

Image therapy is helpful for people who are losing their hair, have lost their hair, or whose hair is growing back.

Our stylists will help people regain lost confidence that can come from dealing with hair loss.

We’ll look at styles and products that will help people recreate the daily looks at home.

My New Hair

Founded by Trevor Sorbie MBE in 2006, My New Hair offers support and advice for medical hair loss.

If you’re dealing with this at the moment, they offer a brilliant downloadable guide.

The charity have a network of salons called Salons That Care, of which Zazu is proud to be part of.

“We’re the only My New Hair provider in North Tyneside, so it made complete sense to us to partner with Live Well With Cancer,” said Julie, Zazu Hair Design’s owner.

“Trevor wants women suffering from hair loss to feel great about wearing a wig”, Julie continued, “and we do everything we can to help with this.”

Robbie, an Executive Stylist at Zazu, is certified in wig cutting and wig styling.

What’s more, hospitals such as The Freeman Hospital and the RVI recommend people dealing with hair loss to contact Zazu to enquire about this service.

How Much Does a Wig Cost?

For short term hair loss, Trevor Sorbie recommends an inexpensive synthetic wig, which start at £100. Once the wig is cut and styled by a professional stylist, such as Robbie, they look just like real hair.

Real hair wigs are available and start at £250.

Our Pledge

If you or someone you know are looking for support for anything mentioned above, you can either get in touch with Live Well With Cancer, get more information from My New Hair, or if you’re based in the North East you can contact us to ask about how we can help.

If we can’t answer your question, we’ll point you in the right direction.

More information about our Image Therapy workshops will be released shortly, so keep an eye out on our social media channels and the blog section of our website.

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