TIPS: 5 Tools We Can't Live Without

It's one thing coming in to our salon and having one of our experts create a look you love, but how do you make sure you look just as good every single day at home?

One way is to use tools that the professionals use.

We've rounded up our top 5 tools we use in salon which you can buy at affordable prices at home.

1. Cloud Nine Micro Wand

Why we love it:

"This is my absolute go-to for redefining curls. I can use this wand for anything from creating tight curls to loose waves."

- Robbie, Executive Stylist at Zazu Hair Design

Three temperature controls

- To suit whatever hair you have.

Built-in hibernation mode

- In case you're a bit forgetful (we all do it).

Swivel cord

- For freedom when you're styling.

Price in salon: £109

Available online here.

2. Label.m 4D Infinity Waver 

Why we love it:

"When I need to create texture for medium to long hair, I go straight for my label.m 4D Infinity Waver. It's so versatile."

- Nicola, Salon Manager at Zazu Hair Design

Teflon Coated

- Meaning the temperature stays the same, protecting your hair from heat damage.


- For more surface area, making it perfect for medium to extra-long hair.

LED Control

- Giving the tool a fancy-feeling finish.

Price in salon: £79.95

Available online here.

3. Cloud Nine Wide Iron

Why we love it:

"With this tool I can create both smooth and curly looks! Those in the industry will know how good that is to be able to do with the same iron. It's so adaptable."

- Jack, Stylist at Zazu Hair Design.

Wide Iron

- For maximum surface area. This means it's perfect for long or thick hair.


- Even though there's a lot of them, the plates heat up in 20 seconds.

Protective Heat Guard

- To make sure you don't burn your carpets.

Price in salon: £149

Available online here.

4. Cloud Nine Waving Wand

Why we love it

"I love the Cloud Nine Waving Wand for when I want to create a less structured, more natural, lived in look."

- Frazer, Stylist at Zazu Hair Design

Heat Proof Glove

- That comes with the wand protects your hand while styling.

Long and Straight Barrel

- Makes it perfect for loose waves and smooth curls.

Mineral Infused Barrel

- Polishes your hair while you style.

Price in salon: £109

Available online here.

5. Cloud Nine Original Iron

Why we love it:

"My absolute favourite is a classic: the original iron. This tool will give you all types of looks, from Hollywood glamour to flat waves. Love it!"

- Julie, Zazu Hair Design Salon Owner

Heat Element Technology

- Means the whole plate stays at the same temperature. This gives you brilliant control and takes you less time.


- The plate heats up in less than 20 seconds


- This plate has five different temperature settings.

Price in store: £149

Available online here.


Ready to see how our expert stylists use these tools for yourself?

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