Your search for a hair salon in Newcastle is over.

Zazu Hair Design Newcastle

Since we opened shop in 1986, we’ve helped thousands of people just like you solve the problem of trying to find a quality hair salon in Newcastle. 


From “I didn’t get what I asked for at my last place" to "they weren't worth the money”, we've heard it all over the years.


And perhaps you’re in the same boat right now?


Well, we think you'll agree our Newcastle hair salon is exactly what you've been searching for.



We've got proof we're as good as everyone says we are.


  • We’ve recently won two GLOBAL awards: Label M Product Expert 2018 and Label M Salon Retailer 2019.

  • Our customers rate us five stars through our independent rating system.

  • We’re part of the Register of Qualified Hairdressers.

  • We're regular faces at London Fashion Week.



You get world-class service at our hair salon in Newcastle - that's a FACT.


You can have your hair cut and styled at an affordable price by world-award winners and members of the London Fashion Week artistic team - in Forest Hall.


Can you imagine that? I know it's hard to believe, but facts are facts.


And you can get this right now in only a few quick clicks - or one phone call.


So will you keep trawling through other websites? Or will you book now and take your first step towards the hair and experience you deserve?




What to expect on the day

1) A Warm Welcome


We're always happy to see you. It's like catching up with an old friend, isn't it?


Don't be surprised if you make the "ahh" sound usually reserved for when you get home from a busy day at work. You know the one. Take the weight off your feet and relax in our soft leather lounge chairs while we get the kettle on.


2) An Expert Consultation


Once you're settled, we'll have a good chat to help you decide exactly what look is best for you.


Oh, by the way, don't be surprised if a few of us get in on the conversation. Every detail counts. It has to be perfect, don't you agree?


You'll notice that we'll take our time. There's no rush. We do things properly here. Salon owner, Julie, purposely runs things this way. 


3) A Chance to Relax


While you're with us, you really have nothing else to do but to enjoy yourself, so take it easy and unwind. Have a natter with us, or switch off with a magazine. It's up to you.


You’ve gone through the stress of finding a new hair salon in Newcastle, let us get to work for you.


4) A Stunning Hairstyle

We won’t just meet your expectations – we’ll blow them away.


You've spent weeks dreaming about it, and now you finally have the style you've always longed for.


5) Full Aftercare Guidance


We'll only let you go once we’re sure you’re 110% happy and you’re clued up on your aftercare.


You shouldn’t just love your new hair on the day, should you?


6) An Invitation To Return


As you leave Zazu,  you'll notice the hustle and bustle outside isn't quite as loud as before; those annoying 'to-dos' don't seem so hard after all, and you're ready for whatever the rest of your day brings.


We can't wait to hear how your new style has transformed your life.


And we already can't wait to have you back.

Still not sure? Why don’t you give us a call to book a consultation with us?


You can meet the stylists, go through what you’re looking for and scope our place out. 


Prefer to use the web? Check out our Instagram to see the people we’re making happy every single day, or read about our stylists here.